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Safe Workday at VALO
You can work safely from our private office rooms. Please wear a mask in public spaces and maintain hand hygiene. Read more about our instruction at:

VALO Work -
Coworking Supercharged

Redefining the Workday

VALO is a Finnish innovation that brings together a supercharged coworking space and a cosy hotel under one roof. With us you can concentrate in your own stylish office room, get inspired in beautiful shared workspaces and meet your clients in cool & modern meeting rooms. And the best thing is, at VALO you enjoy delicious services by our hotel and restaurants 24/7.

VALO Work Toimitilat Helsinki Smart-työhuone

Office & Meeting Rooms

  • 400 private office & meeting rooms
  • 3 shared workspaces
  • 13 large meeting & event facilities
Valo Hotel Work Toimitilat Helsinki

Easiest Lease in Finland

  • No terms of notice
  • No rent deposits
  • No obligations
VALO Work toimitilat Helsinki Bistro ELO

Hotel Services

  • Restaurant, lounge & bar
  • Gym & saunas
  • Hotel & 24/7 reception

Redefining the Workday

Our office rooms, shared workspaces, meeting rooms, hotel services and restaurants are your playground - you make the rules.


VALO Membership

€0/month/person (VAT 0 %)

Do you visit the office only occasionally? With VALO Membership you can use our facilities as you need them and only pay per use wit member discounts. Workspaces and meeting rooms are booked from our app on the go.

VALO Flex Membership

€249/month/person (VAT 0 %)

Shared workspaces 24/7

Discounts on Work & Hotel services

VALO Flex + Membership

€349/month/person (VAT 0 %)

Smart office room 1 day a week

Shared workspaces 24/7

Discounts on Work & Hotel services

VALO Office Membership

€449/month/person (VAT 0 %)

Smart office room

Shared workspaces 24/7

Discounts on Work & Hotel services


How does it work?

The entire VALO building, private office rooms and shared workspaces alike, are at everyone's use, no matter the company.