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Is your company looking for a office, overflow office space or a pop up office? Our new sustainable workspace is perfect for agile companies, modern hybrid working and project based working.


Employees no longer work from just one location and for one project, and workspace needs have become more flexible and temporary. Traditional offices tend to be largely empty for most of the day wasting both the budget and energy.

At VALO both coworking spaces and office rooms are operated on a ‘hot desking’ principle, so you always have as many office rooms and work stations as you like, but never any unnecessary space. The memberships included in our business packages are company specific only, meaning any employee within your company can take advantage of them. We can also add all the VALO hotel and meetings services into your monthly billing – your administration will thank you.

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“There’s no going back to old ways, now that employees work from home as well as the office. In the future you come to the office for the people and happy encounters. It’s where you build community, meet your colleagues and achieve common goals.” 

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